KERALIT kabjatugevdaja 250ml

KERALIT kabjatugevdaja 250ml




E-poe hinnad võivad erineda tavakaupluse hindadest

KERALIT kabjatugevdaja kasutamine muudab sarve tugevamaks ja oluliselt vastupidavamaks.


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Using KERALIT Hoof Strengthener makes the horn stronger and significantly more hard-wearing. The horn is stabilized in the area of the white line, the bearing edge and the sole, making it indigestible to harmful bacteria and fungi. Horn-destroying harmful substances, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide from the stable bedding, are neutralized. Horn abrasion in barefoot horses is greatly reduced. The hooves become distinctly more resilient and stable. The shoes of shod horses sit more firmly, the nail holes no longer rip out. For tough and resistant horn, no matter whether barefoot or shod.
Before applying, clean the hoof with a hard, dry brush. The best result is achieved when KERALIT Hoof Strengthener is applied to the dry, or only slightly damp, hoof, as this allows the product to be best absorbed by the horn. For barefoot horses, KERALIT Hoof Strengthener is applied on the outside onto the lower third of the hoof wall, from underneath onto the bearing edge and the white line. For horses with sensitive feet, KERALIT Hoof Strengthener should also be applied to the sole. For shod horses, KERALIT Hoof Strengthener should be brushed onto the bottom third of the hoof wall, in any case up to and beyond the old and new nail holes. On shod horses, the liquid should be allowed to run slightly under the shoe, this greatly reduces the deterioration processes in the white line.

KERALIT Hoof Strengthener can be applied daily in acute cases. Once improvement has occurred, 2x per week is sufficient. For prevention, it is applied 1x per week.

Hazard information:
H315 – Causes skin irritation.
H317 – May cause allergic skin reactions.
H318 – Causes serious eye damage.
H332 – Harmful to health if inhaled.
H334 – May cause allergy, asthma-like symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.
H335 – May irritate the respiratory tract.


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