KERALIT kiiluvedelik 250 ml

KERALIT kiiluvedelik 250 ml




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KERALIT kiiluvedelik Frog Liquid on vedel, hästi nakkuv lahendus probleemsetele kohtadele.

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The frog care solution is ideal for the care and prevention of frog deterioration. The horn becomes indigestible for decay-inducing bacteria and fungi, only then can new, healthy horn grow back. KERALIT Frog Liquid is a liquid, well-adhering solution, especially for the problem areas of the frog. It is used for the care and regeneration of damaged and deteriorated soft horn. The frog care solution is especially helpful for already softened, foul-smelling central and collateral grooves. Harmful effects from stable bedding such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide are neutralised directly!
After 3-4 days of use, the frog”s grooves visibly dry out. The frog can thus grow back healthy.
Clean the frog dry before treatment with a swab and spatula. The frog must not be rinsed out or even washed with soap. Soap is alkaline and promotes the proliferation of harmful fungi and bacteria. After a thorough clean, the liquid is applied with the spray nozzle deep into the frog”s grooves so that the thrush deep in the grooves can also be treated. A swab soaked in KERALIT Frog Liquid can also be inserted. Fixed plugging of the swab should be avoided.

In acute cases, KERALIT Frog Liquid should be applied daily. Once improved, 2-3 times a week is sufficient. As a preventive measure, 1 treatment per week is sufficient.

Hazard information:
H315 – Causes skin irritation.
H317 – May cause allergic skin reactions.
H319 – Causes severe eye irritation.
H335 – May irritate the respiratory tract.


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